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​Disability Determination



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​How does Social Security Disability differ from Unemployment Compensation?

​How do I check the status of my Social Security disability claim?

​How do I apply for Social Security disability benefits?

​I'm scheduled for a consultative examination, but I'm concerned about the spread of COVID-19 or that I might be violating the Governor's Stay-At-Home order by attending. Will my case be denied if I decide not to attend the exam?

​I'm scheduled for a Social Security disability hearing and the disability offices are closed. What will happen to my scheduled hearing?

​Will my Social Security disability benefits continue while the offices are closed?

​I received a letter through the U.S. mail stating my benefits will be suspended or discontinued unless I call the number listed on the letter.  What should I do?

​I have questions about Social Security disability. How can I talk to someone?

​My disability claim is currently pending at the Pennsylvania disability office (BDD) and the office is currently closed.  What happens to my claim now?

​I am experiencing a mental health crisis.  Who can I call for help?

​I'd like more information about COVID-19.  Where can I find the best sources for information?