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Throughout the commonwealth and the nation there are numerous grant and financial aid resources available that can assist individuals and organizations in meeting their goals. The grants and financial aid information below is provided with the intent to help you begin the search, not an all-inclusive link to resources that may be available.


Request for Application: Statewide Support Service Provider Services for Persons who are Deaf-Blind

The purpose of this Request for Application (RFA) is to solicit grant applications from eligible organizations in partnership with the Pennsylvania Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) and the Pennsylvania Statewide Independent Living Council (PASILC) in regards to the availability of Title VII, Part B funds for the continuation and expansion of Statewide Support Services Provider (SSP) services for Pennsylvanians who are Deaf-Blind.

Attachment B – RFA Application
Attachment C – SSP Budget Narrative
Attachment A – SSP RFA
Attachment B – RFA Application
Attachment C – SSP Budget Narrative
Attachment C – SSP Budget Proposal
Attachment C – SSP Grant Proposal Instructions
Attachment D – Domestic Workforce Utilization Certification
Attachment E – RFA Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act Sub-Recipient Data Sheet
Attachment F1 – Lobbying Certification Form
Attachment F2 – Lobbying Certification Form Instructions
Attachment F3 – Disclosure of Lobbying Activities Form
Attachment F4 – Disclosure of Lobbying Activities Form Instructions
Attachment G1 – Mandatory Assurances Form
Attachment G2 – SSP Terms and Conditions (Rider B)
Attachment G3 – Mandatory Assurances Form Instructions
Attachment H – RFA Commonwealth Travel Manual
Attachment I – RFA Timeline
Attachment J – RFA Application Checklist
Attachment K – SSP Training Curriculum
Attachment L – Code of Professional Conduct
Attachment M – CIL Verifications
Attachment N – Sample Signatory Authority Document
Attachment O – Administration on Community Living Reporting Requirements