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Step 9

Inform Stakeholders of Responsibilities

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The next steps in a Return-to-Work Program take place after an injury has occurred and involve developing and managing an inpidual Return-to-Work plan.

After an injury occurs, all the partners in the Return-to-Work process are responsible for the Return-to-Work of the injured worker. The breakdown of responsibilities is as follows.


  • Provide immediate support to the injured worker and family;

  • Maintain fact finding only – not fault finding – when conducting the accident investigation and documenting circumstances surrounding the injury;

  • Review the accident investigation report and address any job related issues;

  • Develop a Return-to-Work plan with the injured worker and the health care provider;

  • Communicate early with the health care provider and the injured worker about return-to-work opportunities;

  • Provide a concise and accurate task list to the health care provider to assess the worker's suitability for a position;

  • Maintain communication with the injured worker and the health care provider about the progress of the inpidual;

  • Provide detailed job descriptions and make temporary and permanent accommodations for injured workers; and

  • Monitor the injured worker's progress both during treatment and during his or her return to work.

Health Care Providers

  • Operate from a team approach and treat all the effects of the injury, recognizing the possible psychological impact of the injury, where related;

  • Make an initial diagnosis, identify appropriate treatment strategies and make a realistic prognosis about when the worker will be able to return to work;

  • Focus on the injured worker's recovery and advise the worker and the employer when a return to work is medically appropriate;

  • Contribute medical knowledge to the Return-to-Work plan;

  • Identify other factors that may inhibit the injured worker's return to work.  Communicate any potential work place risks that may effect the injured employee’s return to work developing and fostering open communication between all partners.  Make certain to follow-up with appropriate and prompt intervention ; and

  • Tailor each treatment plan so it is medically appropriate.

Injured Worker

  • Obtain medical treatment;

  • Provide information and influence the design of the inpidual plan;

  • Follow the treatment plan as closely as possible; and

  • Keep in regular contact with employer to communicate about progress and needs. Union or Worker Representative

  • Participate with the employer and the injured worker to develop an appropriate work plan.  One that is sensitive to the needs of the injured worker; and

  • Represent the injured worker in matters of job security, appropriate treatment, and re-employment assignments.