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Step 8

Educate The Workforce

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The key to the success of a Return-to-Work program is partnership among workers, employers, and health care providers, and a shared commitment to the goal of returning injured workers to employment.

Proper education of your workforce will:

  • Make everyone in the workplace aware of the principles and practice of the Return-to-Work program.

  • Educate supervisors and workers about the needs of injured co-workers returning to the work environment.

  • Make everyone aware of the benefits of a Return-to-Work program. This can be achieved by:

    • Providing employee orientation to introduce the Return-to-Work program and explaining how the company will respond if a worker is injured;
    • Providing ongoing education;

    • Displaying posters of the mission statement or policy;

    • Putting information about the Return-to-Work program in the employee newsletter;

    • Providing sensitivity training to help co-workers generally understand the needs of injured co-workers;

    • Providing support and education to the injured worker's family;

    • And finally, the Return-to-Work team should educate injured workers on their new tasks or modified jobs, and explain the importance of staying within the provider's guidelines.


Appendix V: Return-to-Work for Stakeholders PowerPoint Presentation (PDF)

Appendix W: Return-to-Work for Management PowerPoint Presentation (PDF)

Appendix X: Return-to-Work for Employees PowerPoint Presentation (PDF)