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Step 7

Communicate Policy to Workforce

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It is strongly suggested that all employees be notified of every new policy in writing. The policy statement should then be signed and dated by the employee and filed into the corresponding personnel file. This is not only a good practice for the Return-to-Work program, but also for every personnel transaction, policy change, or creation. Having all employees sign and date all changes and additions serves to reinforce that all employees are aware of workplace policies, practices, and procedures.

Additionally, if you work in a union environment, you must first remember to confer with the union before posting the new policy. This is another aspect where the importance of having union representation on your Return-to-Work Committee is so pivotal as to how your policy will be received by the workforce.

Once the policy has been formally introduced, it should be posted in a visible area of the workplace. Posting the policy will serve not only as a reminder but also as reinforcement of management’s commitment to the program. It will also allow for the policy to be easily and conveniently referenced should the need arise.