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PATHS Safety Videos

Back Safety-Disc Protrusion

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Combustible Dust

Confined Space-Carbon Monoxide & Other Toxic Gases

Confined Space-Intro

Confined Space-Rescue

Confined Spaces-Why They Can be Deadly

Confined Space-Testing


Construction-Circular Saw Kickback


Construction-Fall Protection-Arrest

Construction-Fall Protection-Restraint

Construction-Fall Protection-Summary

Construction-Fall Protection-Work Procedures

Construction-Falling from Top Plate

Construction-Falls from Formwork

Construction-Falls through Openings

Construction-Job Constructed Ladders

Construction-Ladder Safety

Construction-Mobile Equipment Safety

Construction-Nail Gun Safety

Construction-Nail Gun-Safe Handling

Electrical Safety-Bright Arc Intro

Electrical Safety-Contact with Power Lines

Electrical Safety-How Electricity Affects the Body

Electrical Safety-Working Safely Around Overhead Power Lines


Excavations-Trenches-Pre Excavation Safety

Excavations-Trenches-Sloping & Shoring Part 1

Excavations-Trenches-Sloping & Shoring Part 2

Excavations-Trenches-Soil Instability

Fall Prevention-Slips, Trips, Falls

Hazard & Risk Assessment

Health Care-Bedside Assessment

Health Care-Needle Stick Injuries

Health Care-Working with Dementia Patients-Baths-Easing Stress

Health Care-Working with Dementia Patients-Distract & Redirect

Health Care-Working with Dementia Patients-Intro

Health Care-Working with Dementia Patients-Stop & Assess

Lockout-Tagout-When to Lock Out

Machine Guarding

Machine Guarding-Grinders

Machine Guarding-Saws

Mech Handling Equip-Fields of Vision

Mech Handling Equip-Forklift-Stay in the Cab

Mech Handling Equip-Invisible Lift Truck

Mech Handling Equip-Invisible Pedestrian

Mech Handling Equip-Safety Rules

Mold Awareness

Out of Control Mower

Silica Exposure

Warehouse Safety-Wearing Ear Buds

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