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PATHS Frequently Asked Questions

Q How much does training cost through PATHS?
A Except for occasional lunch and material costs, the courses are free.
Q How do I schedule training at my location?
A Contact us at
Q How do I participate in a PATHS WEBEX training session?
A Go to WEBEX registration instructions.
Q How do I know when training is available on PATHS?
A Check our schedule.
Q What is the PATHS cancellation policy?
A Contact us no later than 14 days prior to the start of training.
Q After I register for a class will I receive written confirmation?
A Yes, you will receive an email confirmation.
Q Where can I get registration assistance?
A Email us at
Q Will I receive a certificate for attending or participating in the training?
A Yes.
Q How do I start a safety committee at my workplace?
A See link at Certified Safety Committee.
Q Can I reproduce and distribute the PowerPoint training material on this website?
A Yes, all training materials in PATHS are free and available for your use for training and educational purposes at your workplace.
Q Is PATHS associated with OSHA?
A No.
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