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Governor's Award for Safety Excellence

Review Process

The process for review and determination of applicants for the Governor’s Award for Safety Excellence (GASE) includes the following:

  1. Complete the GASE application in its entirety, typed, with additional 8-1/2” x 11” pages securely attached, and submit to the address provided below.
  2. The following criteria are used for evaluating each application.
    1. Comprehensive Safety Program in Place with Plans for Continued Improvement
    2. Cooperative Labor/Management Effort – Teamwork
    3. Joint Safety Program in Place
    4. Documented Reduction in Workplace Injuries
    5. Corresponding Reduction in Worker’s Compensation Costs
    6. Demonstrated Plant Improvements or Recent Economic Growth
  3. If approved by the GASE Semi-Finalist Review Committee, the semi-finalist is contacted for an on-site visit by a member(s) from the Department of Labor & Industry’s safety team for a site tour and review of the applicant’s comprehensive safety program.
  4. Site visit reports are prepared and distributed to the GASE Review Committee for the determination of finalists.
  5. Finalist recommendations are forwarded to the Secretary of Labor & Industry who makes the final determination.
  6. Awards will be presented by representatives of the Department of Labor & Industry at the organization's workplace. Winners will receive a "Governor's Award for Safety Excellence" plaque to memorialize the achievement.
The GASE application and selection process was prepared in coordination with the WorkSAFE PA Advisory Board.
Organizations interested in being considered for the Governor’s Award should request a nomination form from:
Governor’s Award for Safety Excellence
1171 S. Cameron Street, Room 324
Harrisburg, PA 17104-2501