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HandS Terms and Definitions

Adobe® Acrobat®
A document exchange program that allows data files created with one software platform (such as Windows®, Macintosh®, etc.) to be displayed and printed on another, without loss of text formatting.
Deletes the data entered on a screen and takes the user to the previous screen.
Confirmation Message
A confirmation message verifies that the action the user has taken was completed successfully. Confirmation Messages appear in blue at the top of the screen.
An interactive user interface, somewhat resembling an automobile’s dashboard, that organizes and presents information in a way that is easy to read and easy to access.
Error Messages
An error a message is used to alert the user that invalid data has been entered. Error Messages appear in red at the top of the screen.
To access the HandS system, a user enters their user ID and password on the login screen.
Used to exit the HandS system.
A unique group of letters, numbers and characters which allow a user access to HandS.
Portable Document Format. PDF is an electronic document that must be read with an Adobe® Acrobat® computer program.
Required Fields
Mandatory fields, those marked with a red asterisk, must be completed before the data on the page will be successfully saved.If an error message indicates that certain data fields are blank or incomplete, a red exclamation point identifies the field(s) that require correction.
Saves the data entered on a page.
Save and Continue
Provided there are no errors, “save and continue,” allows the user to save the data that has been entered and takes him/her to the next data entry page.
Save and Suspend
Provided there are no errors, “save and suspend” allows the user to save the data that has been entered and stop working. This function allows a user to complete a lengthy application over several login sessions.
Timeout Period
The length of time a user can be logged into the HandS application before he/she is automatically logged out. The user must click on Save, Save and Continue, Save and Suspend or Cancel at least once every 60 minutes or the user will be logged out of HandS and lose any unsaved data. After 45 minutes of inactivity, the user receives a reminder that there are 15 minutes left before timeout.
User ID
A unique identifier that links an individual to the HandS system. Most commonly, it is a combination of the user’s first and last name.