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HandS Navigation Tips and Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcut
Switch to another open program on your desktop.
Always use the application navigational buttons, do not use the back/forward on the browser.
Copy data from a page.
Paste cut or copied data to a new location.
Cut data from a page.
Redo an action or keystroke.
Undo an action or keystroke.
End key
Navigates to bottom of the page.
Esc key
Deletes any typing done in a text box while you are still in the text box. If you move away from the text box, Esc will not delete.
Home key
Navigates to top of the page.
Page Down
Quickly scroll down a page.
Page Up
Quickly scroll up a page.
Moves back to the previous data entry field.
Moves to the next data entry field.
Use first character of a drop down item instead of scrolling the list 
For example, if the drop down is a list of counties and you want to enter Armstrong County in the data field, type “A” in the drop down field and view the first county that starts with “A”, Adams. By typing “A” again, you’ll see Allegheny, type “A” a third time and view Armstrong.
Screen Shortcut
Customer Notification Dashboard
The home page for a user, which displays notifications and actions for the user.
Dashboard Link
Displays the Customer Notification Dashboard.
Section drop-down box, upper right hand corner
Quickly move among sections in the Initial Application, Renewal Application and Annual Report.
Graphic image of question mark in a circle.
The question mark in a circle icon next to a data field contains helpful information about the text needed in that specific field.
View Help
Selecting the View Help, in the upper right hand corner of the screen, opens a window that provides screen information and field help.