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How to register for an Online Account using the HandS System

Start - HandS Home Page

Screenshot of Publicly Available Services, Select an Action Item 
On the HandS home page, select Create a user profile in HandS.

Step 1 - Organization Registration

Screenshot of How to Register for an Online Account, Online Registration Including Organization and Contact Information 
Select your organization type: Insurer, Self-Insurer or Workplace Safety Committee.
If you are a commonwealth agency, do NOT select an Organization Type: Select YES for, Are you a commonwealth agency? Then enter the Agency ID number assigned to you by your agency coordinator.
Enter all required information. Select Yes for Electronic Notification if you want to use this feature in HandS and receive notices electronically instead of by paper.
User ID must be 4 to 10 characters and can contain only characters from the following categories: Upper case letters (A through Z), lower case letters (a through z), and numerals (0 through 9). Password must be 8 to 12 characters long and must contain characters from at least three of the following categories: Upper case letters, lower case letters, numerals; non-alphanumeric characters (! @ # % $).
Select Save.

Step 2 - Sign and Consent

Screenshot of How to Register for an Online Account, Sign and Consent Screen 
You must select YES for the Acknowledgement and Agreement question in order to register for an online account.
Select Save.

Step 3 - Sign and Consent with Confirmation

Screenshot of How to Register for an Online Account, Sign and Consent Screen with Confirmation 
Select Login to continue.

Step 4 - Customer Notification Dashboard

Screenshot of Customer Notification Dashboard, Organization Registration 
Select an action to perform from the choices on the screen.
The upper right corner of the page shows how you are logged in and includes a link to return you to your Dashboard from any other screen.