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Bureau Requires the Use of Updated Form Beginning March 1, 2008

The Health and Safety Division’s (H&S) new HandS online processing system was launched in April 2007, and the vast majority of initial and renewal workplace safety committee certification applications are being submitted via the HandS system. Employers find the system easy and convenient to use, and H&S reports that application approval rates have improved to around 96% due to more accurate and timely electronic submission of data.

A revised, initial Application for Safety Committee Certification, LIBC-372, Rev. 12-06, was introduced with the launch of HandS, which included many suggestions for change from employers and which also provided for the more efficient capture and reporting of data required for certification. This improved application made all prior versions of the form obsolete, but H&S has been accepting old applications and will continue to do so through 2007. Beginning March 1, 2008, only the Initial Application for Committee Certification, with a revised date of 12-06, will be accepted. Initial applications with revision dates prior to 12-06 will be returned to employers for resubmission via the HandS system or on updated initial application forms.

HandS may be accessed via the Web at New applications may also be requested by contacting H&S at 717-772-1635 or by emailing