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Health Care Providers & Professionals Training Resources

The health care provider community consists of organizations and professionals that diagnose and treat injured workers. These include utilization review organizations (UROs), peer review organizations (PROs) and impairment review evaluation (IRE) physicans. The commonwealth has a number of preferred providers across Pennyslvania that are approved and certified.

Health Care Providers/Professionals & UROs/PROs Overview Presentation

The following health care providers/professionals and URO/PRO presentations feature information about benefits, resources and provides a high-level overview of system functionality that is both common across all users and specific to health care providers/professionals and UROs/PROs. The presentation is intended to be used in conjunction with detailed demos and simulations that demonstrate specific WCAIS business processes.


The WCAIS project team conducted a series of webinars for health care providers/professionals and URO/PRO staff. The webinars featured live demonstrations of how to use WCAIS and provided information about the system. The webinar recordings for the health care providers/professionals and UROs/PROs webinar series are provided below.


Listed below are the communications that have been sent out to health care providers/professionals and URO/PRO staff. These messages feature important information about WCAIS updates.