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Attorneys/Law Firms Training Resources

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has many attorneys and law firms that specialize in workers' compensation cases and represent all involved parties throughout the petition process.

Attorneys/Law Firms Overview Presentation and Recent Communications

The following attorneys/law firms presentations feature information about benefits, resources and provides a high-level overview of system functionality that is both common across all users and specific to attorneys/law firms. The presentation is intended to be used in conjunction with detailed demos and simulations that demonstrate specific WCAIS business processes.


The WCAIS project team conducted a series of webinars for attorneys/law firm staff. The webinars featured live demonstrations of how to use WCAIS and provided information about the system. The webinar recordings for attorney/law firms are provided below.


The following demos and simulations are short three to 10 minute videos that provide users with step-by-step instruction around specific business processes within the WCAIS application.


Listed below are the communications that have been sent out to attorneys/law firms. These messages feature important information about WCAIS updates.