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Volunteering and Community Service in Pennsylvania



Do you want to volunteer in Pennsylvania?

There are many ways you can learn about volunteer opportunities in Pennsylvania.

Please note: We are linking to several external sites. The Commonwealth neither supports nor endorses the information, advertisements, or products found on external sites.

Two quick ways to find organizations seeking volunteers are:

First, enter your zip code in Volunteer Match:

This is one of the largest databases of volunteer opportunities in the country and is a great start for your search. But it isn't the only place to look. For more online registries of volunteer opportunities, see the list at

 Second, see if there is a Volunteer Center in your area: and contact them directly for organizations in your community seeking volunteers. Volunteer Centers are clearinghouses of information linking people who want to volunteer with organizations needing their help.

There are literally thousands of volunteer opportunities in Pennsylvania and not all are registered with these databases. Don't settle for less than what you really want to do! Use the Web and the Yellow Pages® to search for the types of organizations and causes that interest you. Then call them to ask if they can use your help in some way.

Resources in the Pennsylvania Volunteerism Community

Pennsylvania is a very active state, with a variety of organizations focused on encouraging and supporting volunteering and the people who manage such citizen efforts. For now, here are some of the key players in the field: