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Pennsylvania OVR’s Orientation and Mobility Specialist are full-time, permanent, civil service positions. The following steps describe the basic process required to apply for civil service employment.

  • Read the Orientation and Mobility Specialist test announcement # 2010-016 thoroughly. Be sure that you meet the minimum requirements outlined in the announcement.

  • Currently, you can apply online for these positions, or you can complete a paper civil service application and submit one of the following documents with the application:

    • A photocopy of your official or unofficial graduate transcript

    • A photocopy of Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialist certificate issued by the Academy for Certification of Vision Rehabilitation and Education Professionals (ACVREP).

  • After you submit your application and supporting documentation to civil service, send your resume and cover letter directly to OVR's Recruitment Specialist, Hattie McCarter regarding your interest in obtaining an Orientation and Mobility Specialist position in a respective OVR district office(s), at You are able to apply to one or more district offices, by selecting up to 10 counties on your civil service application (page 6).

  • The State Civil Service Commission will send you the results of your rating. If you meet the minimum requirements, your name is placed on the list of eligible candidates for Orientation and Mobility Specialist

  • When an Orientation and Mobility Specialist job vacancy occurs and approval to fill has been granted, the OVR district office requests an eligible list from which to interview for that job title

  • If you are interviewed and not selected for the position, your name remains on the eligible list to be considered for future vacancies for a specified period of time. If you are selected for the position, the OVR District Administrator will offer you a conditional offer of employment.

  • Conditional Offer of Employment- If selected and contacted by a District Administrator for an internship or entry level position; you will receive a conditional offer of employment meaning that you have been recommended and need to complete your clearances. If clearances are not completed, you will not receive an official offer of employment or start date. Please be responsible and timely in completing.

  • It is the commonwealth’s position that the individual bears responsibility to meet the obligations necessary for legal employability. Therefore, as an employer, the commonwealth will not serve as a petitioner for work authorizations and visas.